Some agents operate as both buying and selling agents; this isn’t uncommon, and it isn’t inherently bad, but it can cause a little bit of a rub when they are showing a buyer one of their own listings.

Are they obligated to get the seller the best possible deal, or to get the buyer the best possible deal? They often have to go down the middle of the road, and while both parties may wind up pleased, they also both could have done better.

A home buyer’s real estate agent doesn’t have to get bogged down by playing offense and defense at the same time.

They devote their clock to finding you the right house, fighting for the best price, and making the process as simple as possible for you.

April Gleason is proud to find herself among the few that choose to do just that. Each one of her clients is able to trust that she’s going to find them the best house and get them the best price. And she doesn’t have to split time between staging, and listing, and showing. Her time is committed wholly to securing your future home.

So? Are you ready to do this?