It’s all about you!

But here’s a little about April!


When you work with April, April works for you.

We’re talking about your future, here. You have to live in the home, April doesn’t! That’s why she’s willing to show you up to 90 homes! She does her homework (heh) and presents you with the best matches. Her years as a financial planner for Merrill Lynch and her communications degree from WSU ensure she has the knowledge and experience to tell it like it is. No mixed messages, no double speak.



As a child in a military family, April moved around a lot.

Bouncing around Europe and America, she never felt like she had some place to call home. Now she is fiercely passionate about ensuring no one else feels that way, and one of the benefits of having seen the world is being able to truly appreciate everything that Spokane has to offer.

While she doesn’t focus on just military members, with a former Naval Corpsman husband and an active duty son she definitely has a soft-spot for making sure the men and women protecting our country have a place to put their feet up.


After 13 years of stockbroking and financial trading, April was ready to get out of the rat-race and focus on her family and motherhood. She quickly discovered, however, a need to be up and out, doing something.

While taking care of her three kids and her husband she spent a lot of time cleaning and even more time trying to avoid the over-abundance of toxic chemicals in our daily products. It was a full-time job just reading the labels, and she wasn’t having that. Cue “Clean Green,” April’s homemade and environmentally conscious cleaning company.

After four years of cleaning people’s houses and building up the business, and winning an Entrepreneur of the Year Award, April made her next move. It was natural for her previous careers to come together in real estate; after all, what greater investment do we make than the purchase and maintenance of our home? She sold her business to a family friend, and started pursuing real estate, though she still enjoys surprising friends with baskets of her homemade cleaning supplies from time to time!